What are Mens Suits?

Published: 12th July 2011
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Men have several choices of what they would like to look for in choosing the perfect mens suits that can be used in their day by day activities or special occasions.

There are different kinds of mens suits that include linen suits, tuxedos, pinstripe, windowpane suits, and solid statements. Linen suits have small lines running vertically down the material and its materials are made darker than a stripe one.

Tuxedos are usually used for special engagements and it has tails that extend the length of the back of the coat. Pinstripe is made darker than a stripe one and is more likely the same as linen suits. Windowpane suits are a suit that has threads up to the depth of the coat and its style is based on a windowpane pattern. Lastly, solid statements have solid colors like black grey or brown colors.

Mens suits are also available in different styles. Double-breasted suits are suits that have wide, overlapping front panels with two parallel rows of buttons. These suits look elegant on tall framed men and are preferable for formal occasions and social events like wedding receptions and evening functions.

Mens suits that have narrow, overlapping flaps with only one button or snaps is called single-breasted suits and also known as traditional suits. It is preferable for taller men and also looks elegant on men with round body shapes. Vintage suits are three piece suit that includes the vest, trouser and jacket and one of the most popular mens suits and is available in different colors and patterns. Three buttoned suits are identified as jackets with no vents behind. Sport coat or the blazers are known to convey a more casual look and are usually worn with buttoned down collar shirts. The blazers are available with single vent, double vents or no vents.

American suits are made of from cotton, a strong yet comfortable fabric. It has moderately padded shoulders with minimal tapering on them. Wearing American suits can make you look youthful. British suits are mens suits that have moderately tapered sides, with two vents and minimal shoulder padding. It is also known as European style. Mandarin suits are suits that reflect the true depth of oriental culture. Finally, Italian suits which is considered as the most famous and stylish suits in the world. It has padded shoulders tapered sides and do not have vents.

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